About Japanese Diapers

Where can I find and buy Japanese diapers?

The best places to buy diapers in Japan are pharmacies. Pharmacies where you can buy diapers are most common in residential areas and to a lesser extent in tourist areas. The convenience store is the last place to search baby diapers, convenience stores rarely stock diapers. If you do come across diapers in a convenience store, you will immediately notice a meager selection of brands. A stock is typically limited to pack of 4 or 5 diapers and are in sizes M or L.

Diapers can also be purchased online. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about juggling bundles of diapers. Japanese diapers are especially popular in China about 70% of them, are being shipped to China. How about Europe? Although Japanese diapers stand out for their high quality, these diapers are still not so popular in Europe, which makes it more difficult for parents living in Europe to buy these products. This is due to the fact that Japanese diapers are very popular in the domestic market, so the producers of these diapers are barely able to produce them for their market. The production of Japanese diapers focuses more on improving the quality of the product than on the development of this product worldwide. Europeans can buy Japanese diapers by ordering them at www.amazon.com, as well as at several online stores and our specialized store www.kobioki.com. We can be proud of us, due to our years of experience in the selling of Japanese diapers. We know well what satisfies the needs of the most discerning customers, without leaving them indifferent. We have already popularized Japanese diapers in Lithuania, and now we want to introduce this quality product not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe. Having a centralized warehouse in Lithuania, we will ensure a continuous and extremely fast supply of diapers throughout Europe. We will deliver your order in any European country within 3-6 working days. Due to the fact that we work directly with companies operating in Japan, we can offer one of the lowest prices of Japanese diapers.