About Kobioki


Premium care. Personal touch.
- unparalleled products for your baby

KOBIOKI is an exclusive baby and childcare store designed to make your baby's growing experience easier. We strive to build a lasting relationship and foster your trust through our carefully selected products, customer focus and values.

A team of renowned specialists - chemists, family doctors and dentists - carefully and consistently analyse and test our products to meet all your family's expectations. After all product testing, we certify the products to ensure that you use only safe and quality products for your children.

Baby care requires a lot of attention, so to save your time, we select only the best products that have been tested by experts. The product range includes goods not only from Europe, but also from countries far East. All our products are friendly to the sensitive skin of babies and suitable for children with allergies.

Our mission is to ease your baby care challenges, which is why we have developed innovative, environmentally friendly OKI product kits. The kits contain different care products for babies, allowing you to try several products in a short time and find the right ones for your baby.

We aim to help you choose the best products for your baby's needs, so we offer advice and share expert information and valuable tips. KOBIOKI is your loyal baby's care partner throughout your parenting journey. Welcome!

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