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YOPE Natural Window and Mirror Cleaner, 750 ml

Natural window and mirror cleaner.

Unique product features:

  • Odour: neutral.
  • Removes dirt quickly and efficiently.
  • Contains 90% natural ingredients.
  • Free from irritating fragrances.
  • Capacity: 750 ml.


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YOPE Natural Glass Cleaner cleans windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces, removing dirt, dust, handprints and water stains. The result is clear, glossy surfaces without spots or streaks.


  • Unlike other YOPE home care products, this product has no added fragrances.
  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe and Ecolabel certified.


90% natural and minimally processed ingredients.

Less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, enhancers, isopropyl alcohol, preservative (Methylisothiazolome, Benziso-thiazolimone).

Capacity: 750 ml.


spray the cleaner on the surface to be cleaned from a distance of about 20 cm. Clean the surface with a soft, dry cloth. Storage : Store the cleaner tightly sealed in its original packaging, in a dry environment, at a temperature of 5-30 degrees Celsius. Keep out of direct sun and heat. Do not overfill into another container.


keep out of direct sunlight and out of the reach of children. Do not mix with other cleaners. Avoid inhalation of the sprayed product. Dispose of packaging in appropriate sorting containers.

Brand story:

Organic ingredients, sustainable products, premium quality, enchanting scents and exceptional design – all this and more at Yope. The brand was founded by Karolina and Paweł, a couple who love nature and aesthetics.

This husband and wife team wanted high quality and sustainable products to meet the needs of the whole family. They realised that there was a shortage of affordable organic products on the market, so they decided to create their own brand – Yope.

All Yope products are made with over 90% natural ingredients, refreshing botanical blends and harmless synthetic fragrances that are gentle on sensitive skin. Yope personal care and home care products are not only safe for the skin and suitable for children, they are also friendly to the environment. All Yope cleaning products are Ecolabelled and their packaging is recyclable. The adorable packaging designs with original animal drawings will surprise everyone. These products will stand out on every shelf.

Treat yourself and your family to high-quality products rich in nourishing natural extracts. Yope products are friendly to homes, people and the environment.

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<5% non-ionic surfactants, <5% anionic surfactants, additives, alcohol, preservative (Methylisothia-zolome, Benzisothiazolimone).

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