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SUAVINEX breastfeeding bottle medium flow, non-colicky, 3+ months, 270 ml, 1 pc.

The Suavinex bottle is an innovation in baby care.

  • Natural: silicone teat that imitates the breast.
  • Useful design: the special design reduces air infiltration and colic in baby’s tummy.
  • Capacity and convenience: 270 ml, with soft silicone teat.
  • Control of suckling: slow, medium and adaptive flow according to the baby’s suction force.


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The Suavinex Breastfeeding Bottle is a new generation of anti-colic bottle, designed with nature in mind. It features an innovative design that physiologically replicates the principle of the mother’s breast when feeding her baby.

Who is it for?

This bottle is designed to effectively prevent air from entering the baby’s tummy.

How to use?

Suitable for use from 3 months.

Special features:

  • A silicone teat that is soft and naturally mimics the breast.
  • Integrated anti-colic bag.
  • It has 3 flow modes: slow, medium, adaptive.

Brand story:

SUAVINEX is a Spanish company known for its commitment to beauty and innovation in baby care products. Founded in 1983, Suavinex S.A. initially distributed its products exclusively through pharmacies. In 1988, they became pioneers with the introduction of the 3-position soother, which was an innovative step in the field of baby bottles. Suavinex’s growth has been marked by important milestones, including international expansion starting in 1992, the opening of new premises in Alicante, Spain, in 2004, and the setting up of a factory in Slovakia in 2008. Their product range is expanding into the fashion and fragrance sectors, with the launch of their first limited edition collection in 2008 and the successful launch of Baby Cologne in 2009.

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