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PRO7 Glass and mirror cleaner, AMERICOL, 750 ml

A highly concentrated cleaner for light cleaning – polishing – of glass, mirrors, shop windows and many other glossy and hard-to-clean surfaces.

Unique product features:

  • Product PRO7 Glass and Mirror Cleaner, AMERICOL.
  • Goal: Clean and glossy glass and mirror surfaces without streaks.
  • Quantity: 750 ml.
  • Formula: Fast drying.
  • Suitable for all types of glass and mirrors.

PRO7 cleaner guarantees excellent, streak-free cleaning of glass and mirror surfaces.

The product can be diluted with water depending on the surface contamination. For light contamination, it is recommended to add 1-3 capfuls of cleaner to 10 litres of water.


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PRO7 Glass and Mirror Cleaner AMERICOL is an innovative product formulated to remove all dirt and leave a shiny surface.

What is it for?

The cleaner is designed to effectively clean glass and mirrors, removing fingerprints, dust, grease and other dirt.

How to use?

Spray the cleaner directly onto the surface of the glass or mirror. Using a soft cloth or paper napkin, wipe the surface until it is clean and shiny.


  • Efficiency: High-quality ingredients ensure a flawless cleaning result.
  • Safety: contains no harmful chemicals; safe for home use.
  • Cost-effectiveness: thanks to the concentrated formula, the product lasts a long time.
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