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PRO7 Detergent for extremely dirty surfaces, AMERICOL Super Cleaner, 750 ml

PRO7 detergent is the ideal solution for cleaning extremely dirty surfaces, guaranteeing cleanliness and shine.

Unique product features:

  • Product: PRO7 Detergent, AMERICOL Super Cleaner.
  • Purpose: Effectively removes contamination from particularly contaminated surfaces.
  • Quantity: 750 ml.
  • Efficiency: high quality and intensity.
  • Suitable for most surfaces.


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AMERICOL Super Cleaner, featuring PRO7 technology, is a new generation of detergent that has been developed with modern cleaning requirements in mind.

What is it for?

Designed for particularly contaminated surfaces. Effectively removes all types of contamination, from easy-to-remove stains to stubborn dirt.

How to use?

Spray directly onto the contaminated surface and wait a few seconds. Wipe gently with a cloth or napkin. Repeat the procedure if necessary.


  • Efficiency: the active ingredients in the formula guarantee high cleaning efficiency.
  • Versatility: suitable for both domestic and commercial use.
  • Safety: not harmful to surfaces if the instructions for use are followed.
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alcohols, c9-11, ethoxylate, 1-methoxy-2-propanol.

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