Pigeon pacifier, size S, 1+ months, 2 pcs.

Breastfeeding supports the bond between mother and baby, but what if it doesn’t work well? The solution is the Pigeon Silicone Pacifier (S) from Japan, designed for babies from 1 month, specially formulated to support the feeling of breastfeeding. The ultra-soft end of the teat with a vertical notch ensures a smooth, even and slow flow of liquid into the baby’s mouth, without air gaps, reducing stickiness; Flexible and ergonomic teat adapts to the tongue and gives the baby peace of mind when feeding; Gently fits to the nipple without unpleasant sensations; Optimal flow of 100 ml of liquid in 10 minutes.Care: rinse thoroughly after each use.Cultivate peace of mind and emotionally strong mutual trust!


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3-6 months

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