MOTHER-K “Dia” bath cleaner, 500 ml

Bathroom cleaner is an environmentally friendly and safe choice.

Unique product features:

  • Eco-friendly formula: Highly effective and pleasantly scented, with mild, non-irritating ingredients.
  • Mum’s Choice: The ideal solution for careful and meticulous mums, taking care of every ingredient.
  • Safety guaranteed: safe use, taking into account the sensitive environment of babies.
  • Quality-tested: ingredients selected and tested for their gentleness and safety.
  • Long-term use: the product is valid for 36 months. from the date of manufacture, ensuring long-term use.



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“The Dia Bathroom Wash is designed with the needs of modern families in mind, to ensure cleanliness and safety at home, especially with young children.


This detergent is the ideal solution for effective and gentle cleaning of the bathroom, ensuring a safe and pleasantly scented environment.

Special Features

  • Organic ingredients: ensures gentle but effective cleaning without harmful substances.
  • Safe for children: the proven formula ensures that the product is safe for use in families with young children.
  • Pleasant smell: Gives the bathroom a fresh and pleasant aroma.


1. Set the nozzle to “ON” for use.
2. After spraying on the contaminated area, use a brush or sponge to clean the surface. Then rinse with water.
3. It is more effective if you spray the cleaner on a particularly dirty area and leave it on for 2-3 minutes before wiping.


– Keep out of the reach of children.
– Use only for its intended purpose.
– Keep out of direct sunlight, hot surfaces and open flames. Do not store at extremely high or low temperatures indoors or outdoors. If it accidentally freezes, keep in a warm place until thawed and shake well before use.
– It is sufficient to use a standard amount of the product, according to the type of use. Do not mix it with other products.
– Don’t let it tip over. Otherwise, the liquid may spill. If it spills on the floor, the floor becomes slippery. Wipe immediately.
– Rubber gloves are recommended when using this product.
– Be careful when using the product at eye level, as the spray may get into the eye.
– Before use, test the product on a low visibility part of the surface to be cleaned.
– The colour of the product may change over time, but the quality is not affected, so feel free to use it.
– Ensure adequate ventilation when using in a closed room.
– People with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid prolonged contact with the product.

First aid:

– Do not drink. If you accidentally take it, induce vomiting and seek medical attention.
– In case of contact with the eyes, wash them under clean running water and seek medical advice.
– If skin irritation or red spots appear, contact your doctor.
– If inhaling the product makes it difficult to breathe, move to a well-ventilated area where you can rest and breathe easily. If symptoms persist, contact your doctor.

Brand story:

Since 2010. “Mother-K is committed to developing maternity and baby products with the mother’s comfort in mind. Our aim was to balance the personal and childcare needs of parents. Over the years, our product range has grown to include a simple but highly effective home care line.

The company constantly listens to its customers to meet their expectations and needs. Keeping up with the market leaders, Mother-K is at the forefront of family product trends and innovation.

Our passion is to share the highest quality products. By supplying reliable products both in Korea and in international markets, Mother-K continues its mission to enrich the lives of families around the world.

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main substances: sulfonic acids, alkane (c=14-16) hydroxy & alkene (c=14-16), sodium salts, ethanol, purified water, surfactants: d-glucopyranose, oligo, decyl octyl ethers, oligomeric (non-ionic), d-glucopyranoside, oligomeric, alkyl (c=10-16) glycoside (non-ionic), sulphonic acids, alkanes (c=14-16) hydroxy & alkenes (c=14-16), sodium salts (anionic), other: limonene.

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