MOONY NATURAL Japanese diapers, S, 4-8 kg, 58 pcs.

– The world’s first nappies containing organic cotton.

– The Yuru-unchi Kyushu Zone technology absorbs 36% more secretions during laxation than the conventional Moony line.

– The indicator strip alerts you when to change the nappy.

– Comfortable, allowing freedom of movement.



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An exclusive Japanese product, suitable for and appealing to even the most sensitive toddlers! The unique nappy technology ensures dryness and softness in almost all conditions.

Selected nappies in selected materials – UNICHARM

MOONY is the world’s first nappy to be made with exclusive technology. Not only will it prevent leakage, but it will also ensure that each pair of nappies adapts perfectly to your child’s changing body shape.

MOONY is the time-tested choice of Lithuanian parents and children.

MOONY is the time-tested choice of Lithuanian parents and children.

    • It adapts perfectly to the baby’s changing shape.
    • “Yuru-unchi Kyushu Zone technology absorbs up to 36% more secretions than with regular MOONY nappies, giving parents peace of mind in any situation.
    • The nappies do not cover your baby’s developing belly button, allowing more of the body to breathe.
    • Organic cotton and exclusively organic materials used in NATURAL MOONY nappies.
    • Thanks to the colour-changing indicator, you’ll always know when it’s time to change your nappy.
    • The sturdy and breathable reusable stickers will help to secure the nappy in a very comfortable way and make your baby feel comfortable.
    • The eco-friendly materials used in MOONY not only do not irritate your baby’s sensitive skin, but also encourage responsible consumption.
    • Choose from traditional foldable nappies with stickers and innovative nappy-diapers, which are a little easier to put on for a faster-moving toddler.
    • The variety of newborn sizes makes MOONY nappies comfortable for both smaller and larger babies.


How to apply and use?

Step 1

    • The side of the nappy with the tapes should be placed on the baby’s back.
    • Then spread the pair of nappies wider, tucking the back of the nappy under the baby’s back so that the top reaches the waist.
    • Important: When tucking the back part of the nappy under your baby’s back, make sure it does not cover the belly button.

Step 2:

    • Pull out the adhesive strip attached to the top of the nappy (there is one on each side).
    • Make sure the tape holds firmly.
    • There’s no need to worry about it being too tight: once the nappy is on, all the details will adapt perfectly to the shape of your baby’s body.
    • Check that both strips of the diaper are sealed symmetrically – this is essential for the comfort of the baby and the impermeability of the product.


    • Stretch the strips before securing them. This will make the nappy more stable.

Facts and consumerism


    • Some of the most technologically advanced nappies in the world.
    • A premium product designed for all baby skin types.
    • The exclusive Yuru-unchi Kyushu Zone technology, developed without any allergenic additives and with excellent impermeability results.
    • The core values of the UNICHARM Group, which owns the MOONY brand, are ecology and sustainability.
    • Although UNICHARM has been selling nappies for decades, the company strives for continuous improvement and regularly updates its technology, creating a unique product in the baby hygiene market.


Important to know


    • The right nappy size is chosen according to your baby’s weight.
    • As the baby’s shape also changes due to the growing bone structure, it is important to keep an eye on this change to ensure that the product you buy fits the body lines perfectly and does not leave unnecessary gaps when you put the nappy on.
    • Some MOONY nappies (newborn and S sizes) are made with the focus on better absorption of liquid faeces, which is typical when breastfeeding.
    • It’s important to monitor your baby’s movement habits: not all nappies are suitable for babies who sit, stand or crawl.
    • The nappy size should be changed to a larger size when any of the following symptoms occur:
    • marks on the baby’s body
    • sudden leakage of secretions from nappies
    • stretched nappy fixing side stickers


NATURAL MOONY nappies are made from organic cotton. In addition to the body-pleasing substance, baby’s skin will always be moisturised and protected by 3 types of natural oils. No allergy-causing petroleum products or preservatives are used in the production process.

Period of validity

The shelf life of nappies is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

It can be found at the bottom of the nappy packaging.

The date of manufacture shall be indicated in the following sequence: ****(year)**(month)**(day)

The last four digits of the number do not affect the date of manufacture.

Size table

Size Weight category Amount of movement of the baby
For newborns and premature babies Up to 3 kg Little movement (lying down)
For newborns and premature babies Up to 5 kg Little movement (lying down)
S size 4-8 kg Starting to measure with their feet
Size M 6-11 kg Rolls over, sits and crawls on its own
L size 9-14 kg Standing independently but still unsteady in walking
XL size 12-22 kg Standing and walking
XXL size 13-28 kg  

Standing and walking



Kobi recommends

    • Although NATURAL MOONY nappies are considered to be more luxurious than the regular MOONY option that has already become popular in Lithuania, this investment is in some cases really useful and necessary. The high quality of these nappies ensures that both parents and babies with different needs feel calm and comfortable.
    • MOONY NATURAL brand nappies are often the same price or even cheaper in the market, but don’t be fooled as the quantity of nappies in the packet is much smaller than MOONY.
    • We recommend NATURAL MOONY for parents of babies with skin problems. This could be a rapid change from regular nappies, allergies to certain substances, or other problems faced by a young child’s still-developing and more vulnerable skin.
    • NATURAL MOONY is also the only nappy to contain natural balms and fragrances – which may be of interest to parents and babies who appreciate the pleasant smell of the product.
    • If you do not have specific needs, we recommend buying trial kits of all Japanese nappy brands (MOONY, NATURAL MOONY, MERRIES). They contain 5 pairs of nappies each, which can help you decide on your final product choice. All KOBI.Lt nappies are different enough to meet a wide range of individual needs – which is why the final decision is yours.
    • As Japanese nappies become more popular around the world, many counterfeit nappies are emerging. Although it is not always easy to distinguish them from the original product, you can never go wrong buying nappies from distributors who have been in the market for years. This is the principle on which the KOBI.Lt team bases its work.

We are understanding

If you buy more packs of any nappies in the KOBI.LT online shop and pay for them (i.e. if your child’s weight or mobility needs have changed earlier), we will replace the unripped packs free of charge in Kaunas or anywhere else, with only the additional delivery costs.

Weight 1,41 kg
Dimensions 29 × 12 × 38 cm


Vaiko svoris

S [4-8 KG]

Diaper type


Country of origin


Gender of the child

For boys, For girls

A distinctive feature

Contains moisturising lotions, Cutting the navel, Exceptional absorbency, High waist, Made from organic cotton

Skin type

For extremely sensitive skin


Medium thickness


Particularly delicate






0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months

100% organic cotton fibers, olive oil, jojoba oil, rice bran oil, polyolefin, non-woven polyester, cotton linters, paper, super absorbent polymer, polyolefin film, non-woven polypropylene, polyurethane, and hot melt.

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