MAMY POKO night pants, XL, 12-22 kg, 30 pcs.

MAMMY POKO nightwear has very good fluid absorption. Tests have shown that the panties can absorb up to 350 ml of water, so you can be sure of a restful night’s sleep. Stretchy and soft side pleats provide extra protection against leakage at night. Made in Japan.


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“Mamy Poko Pants introduces nightwear! Designed to make every night calm and leak-free, these knickers are an indispensable tool for every parent.

Absorption capacity:

Thanks to advanced technology, these nighties can absorb up to 5 times more urine, keeping you dry all night long. Now both you and your little one can sleep in complete peace.

Design and benefits:

The special nighttime design not only helps to keep you dry, but also allows you to enjoy the process before bedtime. Change your knickers the night before to ensure a restful night’s sleep without having to stay up all night with your baby.

How to apply and use?

    • Use your hands to pull the waistband of the panties so that there is room for the child to insert his leg.
    • Insert the child’s legs, one by one, into the leg holes prepared in the pants.
    • Grasping the waist, pull the knickers up until they are snug against the waist.
    • Check that the protective folds inside the panties are spread outwards.

Period of validity

The shelf life of nappies is 3 years from the date of manufacture.
It can be found at the bottom of the nappy packaging.
The date of manufacture shall be indicated in the following sequence: ****(year)**(month)**(day)
The last four digits of the number do not affect the date of manufacture.

We are understanding

If you buy more packs of any nappies in the KOBI.LT online shop and pay for them (i.e. if your child’s weight or mobility needs have changed earlier), we will replace the unripped packs free of charge in Kaunas or anywhere else, with only the additional delivery costs.

Weight 1,07 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 39 cm


Vaiko svoris

XL [12-17 KG]

Diaper type

Night panties

Country of origin


Gender of the child

For boys, For girls

A distinctive feature

5 times more fluid absorption

Skin type

For sensitive skin


Medium thickness


18-24 months, 24-36 months, 3-6 m., 6+ m.







cotton pulp, water absorbing paper, polyolefin/elastic material, styrene-based elastomer synthetic resin, polyethylene.

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