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FIGO finger patches 6 pcs. + finger protection 6 pcs.

The patches are used to quickly and easily treat minor injuries. The patches are waterproof. Non-stick and breathable.

Unique product features:

The kit includes:

– 6 pcs. patches;

– 6 pcs. finger guards.


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This set of patches is intended for the treatment of minor injuries. The kit comes with different sizes of patches, including a special cut patch that provides flexible and reliable protection against infections and injuries.

Who is it for?

This patch kit is ideal for any home first aid kit. It is indicated for the treatment of mild wounds of all sizes, including cuts, abrasions and scratches.

How to use?

These patches are easy to use. Simply remove the protective film and apply the patch to a clean and dry wound. Make sure the patch covers the wound completely and the edges are firmly pressed against the skin.


  • Waterproof: these patches maintain their effectiveness even in wet environments, making them ideal for use during swimming or other water activities.
  • Air permeable: the patches allow the skin to breathe, which is important for wound care.
  • Non-stick: These patches do not stick to the wound, making them easy to remove without pain or discomfort.
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water-resistant, non-adherent, breathable.

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