BALANCE liquid detergent for white fabrics, 1,5 l

Organic Balance white detergent 1.5L is designed for washing all types of white fabrics.

Unique product features:

  • Removes dirt from white clothes, tablecloths, curtains, bed linen and other fabrics. Highlights the whiteness of fabrics, giving maximum protection against greying.
  • The washing machine is based on eco-friendly materials, so it is ideal for washing the clothes of babies, children and adults with allergies.
  • The detergent seat is free of artificial colours and fragrances, so it does not irritate the skin or the sense of smell. BALANCE laundry detergent will effortlessly remove stains from white fabrics, neutralise unpleasant food and sweat odours, and leave fabrics fresh and remarkably white.


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In stock


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Balance eco-friendly white fabric cleaner is the perfect choice to give maximum whiteness and protection to your white garments, tablecloths, curtains, bed linen and other fabrics. This detergent effectively removes dirt, enhancing the whiteness of fabrics and preventing greying. It uses only eco-friendly materials, making it suitable even for washing the clothes of babies, children and adults with allergies. Free from artificial colours and fragrances, it gently cares for the softness of your skin and your laundry. With balance detergent, you can easily remove stains, neutralise unpleasant odours and leave your fabrics fresh and exceptionally white.


  • For moderately soiled laundry – use half a plug of detergent if the water is soft.
  • For moderately soiled laundry – use the entire detergent plug if the water is hard.

Add detergent to the washing machine’s powder/detergent compartment and start the selected washing programme. Set the washing water temperature according to the fabric manufacturer’s recommendations.

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5% or more but less than 15% anionic surfactants, 5% or more but less than 15% nonionic surfactants, less than 5% soap, enzymes.

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