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BABYONO socket protector, 6 pcs.

BabyOno socket protector is an innovative protection system that creates a safe environment for children at home.

Unique product features:

  • This protection ensures that electrical sockets are blocked, while at the same time not hampering their daily use.
  • It is suitable for type E earthed and type C ungrounded sockets.
  • This white guard is discreet and does not attract children’s attention.
  • It is easy to install – just insert the protective cover into the socket.
  • Includes 3M double-sided adhesive tape to ensure a secure fit.


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BabyOno socket protectors are an excellent and reliable way to keep children safe at home. This innovative system blocks access to electrical sockets, reducing risks and giving parents peace of mind.

Who is it for?

This protection is for all parents who want to keep their children safe and out of reach of dangerous electrical sockets at home. This is especially important for young children who are exploring and may be prone to putting their hands in sockets.

How to use?

To use the protection, simply insert the protective cover into an electrical socket. It will be blocked and prevent children from accessing the socket holes. Any plug can be used to unblock the protection, e.g. the charger plug. This protector uses a patented rotation mechanism that ensures ease of use and safety.

Special features:

  • The protection is suitable for type E earthed and type C ungrounded sockets.
  • It is white, so it does not attract the child’s attention and fits in with the interior.
  • Includes 3M double-sided adhesive tape to ensure a firm fit.
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Dimensions 10 × 2 × 18 cm




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100% plastic.

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