BABYONO NATURAL NURSING Colic-Free Bottle, 0 months, 260 ml, 1 pc.

BABYONO NATURAL NURSING Colic-Free Bottle, 0 months and up

Unique product features:

  • Breast-like design: the profiled bottle with a specially designed teat shape that mimics the breast provides a natural feeding experience.
  • Preventing colic: The exclusive valve prevents colic by ensuring proper air circulation and reducing the amount of air the baby swallows.
  • Comfortable to hold: the contoured base is designed to fit even the smallest baby’s hands.
  • High-quality safety: compliant with European Union standards, Bisphenol A free (BPA Free).


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NATURAL NURSING 260 ml bottle is an innovative solution for parents who want to give their baby the most natural feeding experience possible. This bottle is designed with the latest technology and research in mind for maximum comfort and safety.


Designed to make bottle-feeding as natural and comfortable as possible for both baby and parents. The specially shaped teat and bottle design encourages the natural sucking reflex and the exclusive air circulation system reduces the risk of colic.

Instructions for use:

The bottle is easy to use and maintain. Suitable for use from the first days of baby’s life. Before each use, the bottle should be rinsed and sterilised according to instructions.

Special features:

  • Profiled design for small hands.
  • Exclusive valve to reduce the risk of colic.
  • Silicone teat that imitates the breast.

Brand story:

The history of the BABYONO brand dates back to 1990 in Poznan, Poland, when a small company selling baby and children’s products was founded. Over the years, the brand has become one of Poland’s leading manufacturers of baby and maternity products.

BABYONO NATURAL NURSING is a brand committed to providing newborns and their parents with a safe and natural feeding solution. All our products are rigorously tested and developed to the highest standards set by the European Union.

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polypropylene and silicone.

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