BABYONO Baby Bathing Glove, Grey, 1 pcs.

Bamboo fibres create an extremely soft and gentle coating, similar to the feel of silk. Bamboo is one of the most prized plants, known for its health and soothing properties. It is a renewable, environmentally friendly raw material. It grows very quickly, up to 1m per day, and is pesticide-free. Bamboo has antibacterial properties, making it resistant to odours. The softness of bamboo fibres requires the right washing temperature to maintain the integrity of the soft texture.

The BAMBUCKET bath washcloth is indispensable from the first bath. It is made of high quality soft bamboo with a slightly fluffy cotton. The comfortable shape of the glove is perfect for bathing your baby, as well as for daily care during daytime hand and face washing. It is a very good choice for children with skin problems as the non-woven bamboo fabric has hypoallergenic properties. In addition, the fleece has a sewn-on pet appliqué that matches the same colour bath towel. The pulp is packed in a transparent bag, with hanging facilities.

Unique product features:

  •  Extra soft and gentle;
  •  Suitable for sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic properties;
  • Odour-resistant;
  • Quick-drying;
  •  Comfortable glove shape;
  • With hanging option for easier drying.


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The Babyono bath mat for children and babies is made of bamboo fibre, which is very soft and gentle, similar to silk. Bamboo is one of the most valuable plants known for its health-giving and soothing properties.

What is it for?

This sponge is a must-have from your child’s very first bath. The glove’s comfortable shape is suitable for both bathing and everyday hand care. It’s a great choice for children with skin problems as bamboo fibre is hypoallergenic.

How to use?

The sponge is used like a normal bath sponge, worn on the hand like a glove. After use, hang to dry.

Special features:

The Babyono bath sponge is extra soft and gentle, hypoallergenic and odour-resistant. It also dries quickly and has a hanging loop for easy drying.

Weight 0,044 kg
Dimensions 13 × 1 × 22 cm

0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 24-36 months, 3-6 m., 6+ m.

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bamboo fibres.

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