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Now an even wider choice of Japanese nappies!

KOBI.LT strives to continuously grow, improve and offer its customers a wider range of high quality baby and childcare products. We are delighted to introduce GENKI Premium, a new brand of Japanese nappies to our range.

GENKI Premium Japanese nappies are characterised by their ultra-fast liquid absorption. The nappies are soft and gentle, so they won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin, even when wrinkles form. The stretchy, embossed, soft waistband of the nappy ensures a comfortable and super-fitted fit that protects your baby from fluid leakage and prevents your baby’s skin from getting hot and dry. A wetness indicator on the back of the nappy helps parents know when it’s time to change their nappy.

GENKI Premium nappies are made with high quality materials that are free from chlorine, added fragrances and other substances that are harmful to babies.

The GENKI Premium range currently includes M (6 -11 kg), L ( 9 – 14 kg) and XL (12 – 22 kg) nappy-panty nappies.

We invite you to try and evaluate GENKI Premium nappies for yourself!

You can find all our GENKI Premium nappies – panties by clicking on the link: