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New for the most sensitive – Merries First Premium nappies!

We are looking forward to introducing you to yet another new addition to the Japanese nappy market!
We are the first in Lithuania to introduce Merries First Premium nappies that will leave no one indifferent!
It is a real softness and fluffiness “bomb”, enriched with natural, organic Argan oils, which help baby’s skin to stay extra soft !
The wavy interior of the nappy is specially designed to absorb liquids evenly and prevent faeces from sticking to baby’s bottom!
The ultra-permeable inner layers of the nappies will ensure that your baby’s skin will not dry, chafe or steam while wearing the nappies.
These nappies are limited in quantity, so hurry up and be sure to share your impressions with us!

You can buy nappies by clicking on the following link: https://kobioki.com/MerriesFirst