5 reasons why your toddler doesn’t sleep well at night

After having a baby, many parents are asked, “Do you sleep well at night?” After all, a good night’s sleep is crucial for a growing body. There may be more than one reason why your little one doesn’t sleep well at night. Check it out!

  • Babies often have abdominal distension, which causes insomnia. If the baby is on breast milk, you need to think about what the mother ate and which foods may have accumulated gas in the intestines. If it’s a formula, maybe it’s not suitable?
  • At night, a toddler’s irritability can also be caused by hunger: by 18 months, they experience growth spurts, after which babies want more food than usual. However, it’s worth reminding parents that food is not the only way to improve sleep, as there may be more than one reason.
  • For parents, it is very important to choose the right nappies for their babies to keep them comfortable and ensure a good night’s sleep. Nappies can be the cause of poor sleep – your baby will not fall asleep if the nappy is pressing, or will wake up unexpectedly if the nappy is leaking fluid.
  • Some children may fall asleep to music, others may wake up to whispering. Make sure there are no extraneous noises in the house at night (you may no longer pay attention to the humming of the boiler, which can wake your baby).
  • A toddler doesn’t fall asleep because… wants to be closer to mum! Babies spend so much time in their mother’s womb that they become attached to her, and a sudden separation can be a shock to the little one in the family.

Consider which of these problems might be interfering with your baby’s sweet sleep. And while the little ones are dreaming and sleeping peacefully, parents can read! Do you want more short tips?