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4 myths about baby’s first teeth

When we take care of our teeth year after year, it seems like taking care of our baby’s teething first teeth will be a joke! However, we will correct you here, because it is the first teeth that we need to focus on, so that your little one can enjoy a correct bite and a  healthy smile. So, today we’re going to share a few myths that still plague most parents 🙂

A baby’s first teeth are not that important. Unfortunately, dear friends, this is a real MYTH:(!

We all know that your baby’s first teeth are temporary and eventually fall out. However, it’s no secret that they have many functions that affect a baby’s future development. Healthy first teeth are very important for chewing, as this is when the shape of the baby’s face and jaw is formed, which is also very important for the teeth that come later.  Also, if the teeth are not cared for enough, they fall out quite early.  Other nearby teeth move into the place of the fallen teeth, deforming the bite and leaving no room for later teeth to grow in.

Of course, the bite can be corrected with various kinds of plates, braces or surgery, but neglecting the teeth can also affect the development of the child’s speech, which is often irreversible.

When the first teeth erupt, babies usually get sick. Well, of course, there is always the possibility that your little one will get sick, but again we have to tell you that this theory is a MYTH:( Although you may have heard that teething causes diarrhoea, fever and a whole host of other problems, recent research shows that all the symptoms are in fact quite mild. This is usually manifested by irritation of the gums and irritability of the baby. Some babies may also have a slight increase in temperature, but if the fever is 38 or more, this is certainly not a symptom of growing teeth.

Your baby’s teeth should be brushed once a day. Alas, once again we must disappoint you, because this is just another MYTH 🙁 You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. As you know, the mouth is where most bacteria live, and the long periods of time when teeth are uncleaned create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to cause cavities and damage the tooth structure.

We also recommend that you take care of your baby’s mouth before he/she starts teething, which will also protect your baby from bacteria. This is recommended with a damp and soft towel.

And when you see your baby’s first teeth coming in, use the softest brush you can find, because your baby’s gums are very sensitive and a rough brush can damage them. Floss as well!

The first visit to the dentist should be planned when the child is three years old. It’s a MYTH again 🙁 As we mentioned before, baby teeth need to be taken care of from the very beginning, so it is also recommended to plan a visit to the dentist when you see your baby’s first tooth, or before your baby’s first birthday.

As many as 60% of children under 5 years of age experience their first toothache as a result of dental problems that are detected too late, so don’t be afraid to contact your dentist when you see the first tooth.

At the first visit, the dentist will perform an examination and assess the risk of problems with your little one’s teeth, and will certainly give you useful advice to keep your little one’s teeth nice and healthy. Of course, don’t forget that your little one should see the dentist every 6 months. since the first visit.

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