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Japanese nappies

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Our premium quality Japanese nappies will give your little one exceptional comfort. Japanese nappies are made from natural materials, such as Moony Natural nappies made from organic cotton, which makes them extra soft and gentle. Thanks to a special technology, Moony nappies have a very good fluid absorption (the nappy pants absorb fluids for up to 12 hours). Merries nappies are made up of 3 layers which ensure maximum air circulation. As the air circulates, excess moisture and heat evaporate outwards through the micropores in the outer layer, preventing discomfort for the baby and preventing possible skin irritation or overheating. Merries First Premium nappies contain natural, pure, organic Argan oil for extra nourishment and a super-soft feeling! These nappies are twice as soft as regular Merries nappies. GOO.N nappies are designed for babies with sensitive skin. The soft, fluffy surface enriched with skin-moisturising ingredients ensures maximum comfort. Unlike Western diapers, most Japanese nappies are free of synthetic fragrances, phthalates, chlorine compounds, optical brighteners, formaldehyde and toxins that could irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and cause allergic reactions.

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