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BIBS Soothers, 6-18 months, Baby Blue & Petrol, 2 pcs.

The BIBS flat soother promotes the correct position of the tongue in the mouth, with the tongue pressed against the palate. Its nipple is made of 100% natural latex. natural materials. Natural latex is durable, soft and elastic. The nipple has a hole for air and squeezes together when sucking, making it easy for the baby to push the air out – simulating breast sucking. The base of the soother is made of polypropylene (PP), a strong and lightweight plastic. It is slightly convex to avoid skin irritation and has air vents and a protective handle.

Unique product features:

  • BIBS soothers in Baby blue and Petrol for babies 6-18 months;
  • The natural and ergonomic design promotes soothing and swallowing;
  • Made of safe and reliable material;
  • The soft soother cap is fist-shaped and makes it easy for your baby to suck on it;
  • An excellent choice for soothing and swallowing older babies.


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BIBS soothers in Baby blue and Petrol are the perfect choice for babies 6-18 months. These naturally shaped and ergonomically designed soothers are designed to encourage baby to soothe and swallow.

Who is it for?

These soothers are specially designed for babies 6-18 months. Their shape and size are ideal for older babies, helping to soothe and give them a sense of security.

How to use?

Soothers can be used for soothing and swallowing. The soft soother cap, which has a prick-like texture, makes it easy for baby to suck.


  • Natural and ergonomic design: these soothers have a natural shape that follows the shape of your baby’s mouth and an ergonomic design that encourages soothing and swallowing.
  • Safe material: the soothers are made of a safe material that is reliable and meets high quality standards.
  • Soft cap: the soother cap is soft and smooth, with a fist-shaped texture that gives baby a pleasant and easy sucking experience.
  • The perfect soothing choice: These soothers are a great choice for soothing and swallowing older babies, helping to calm and give them a sense of security.
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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 17 cm

6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months

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100% natural rubber.

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